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Anatomy of a male cat.

Cat skull

Cat skull.

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  • A cat's whisker are used to help touch.
  • Cats tongues have hooked tastebuds that act as a hairbrush.They also are used for extra grip when picking up kill.
  • The nine lives might have come from this: A whitch had 8 lives, some times they went into the body of a cat.
  • To defend themselves, they arch their backs, puff out the tail and body,put their ears flat on their ears, and hiss as loud as possible.
  • The saying "scaredy cat" comes from a cat's fear.
  • Cats with blue eyes and white fur are deaf.
Feel free to add facts and add pictures!
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A cat's defense.


Three hour year old kitten.


Cat eating a house sparrow.

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A cat's whiskers.

Cat tongue macro

Cat tongue.